Updating My Platforms

I'm working on a class project which involves building an online platform and creating a brand. In that interest, I've been working on new graphics and content to create an environment where science fiction, fantasy, and creative audiences can come and enjoy more of the things they love. There are a few images I've created... Continue Reading →

Cuddles in Space

Cuddles in Space is a science fiction adventure story which follows a dog and a cat on a space station. Red is a dog who has spent his life in and out of foster homes. People decide Red is too big or too mean looking before they return him to the ARC: Animal Regulation Center.... Continue Reading →

The Endeavor

The Endeavor is a fantasy book about witches fighting an oppressive government while trying to find a new home for their people. It is set in an alternate version of earth where an earthquake has reshaped the planet. Citizens of the Kingdom live under the rule of the Church of the Faithful and witches are... Continue Reading →

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