Captain Stellar Finds His Dream Team

Captain Stellar is a fast-paced superhero adventure with danger, slow-burn romance, humor, and delicious descriptions of food. It was enjoyable to read and kept me turning the pages to learn what happened next. Cal is a regular guy trying to make the best of it in the city of Chicago. He works at his construction... Continue Reading →

Words of Creation

I want to focus on creation. By this, I mean both in this essay and in my work. There are several mechanics of writing which fascinate me and the process and nature of creation are among them. Story creation is different for every writer. We can be planners with outlines which guide the story or... Continue Reading →


blue blue as the sky blue in your eyes clouds pass by and i’m blue without you   blue blue as the sea blue as my arms wait for you wrapped in that hue calm finds me as I dream of you

Flowers Under Glass

The world doesn’t see me, They see only what they want to see. The person they wish me to be Has never lived. She is quiet to a fault, her voice lost even to her. She can not speak up or talk back, Her voice is gone. She has no dreams of her own, Only... Continue Reading →

Visit to Earthsea

the world is broken apart, the islands in the sea; our hearts are cold to the future we cannot see.   magic from the dark, tempting to the soul; the turn from light is stark when released upon the shoals.   knowledge must be gained, power understood; ever my life a hunt recompense for other’s... Continue Reading →


Who is this girl you think me to be? I am not her, I am only me. I do not know who she could be, This little girl you confuse with me. Sometimes she but always me, If only you could really see. I hide behind the smile of she, Who you think could ever... Continue Reading →

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